Driving Experiences

We provide the equipment and karts to race at our track!  The Vegas Karting has impressive Karts and equipment.  When you buckle up in one of our Sodi race karts, you will find that it has a blend of power and safety so you can be competitive at every race!  Our company provides race karts for rent for kids 7-15 and adults of nearly any age. The Rotax DD2 (Direct Drive, 2 Speed) shifter kart is cream of the crop for kart racing engineering, from it’s chainless driveline to the grand prix style paddle shifters and all-wheel ceramic disc braking system.  Driving a DD2 will give you an adrenaline rush, as you experience over 3Gs when you take turns and will almost reach 90mph while going straight!  To qualify for Rotax DD2  34HP / 90mph / 2-speed shifter kart rental, drivers must meet minimum lap time requirements in Adult Rental Karts.

  • $125 per 10 Minute Session
  • $350 for 3 Sessions
  • Drivers must meet the 74 second Sodi Rental kart lap time to qualify for DD2 rental.




Comer               Comer 50-20mph | Comer 50 Automatic
50cc 10 Minutes $20.00
50cc 30 Minutes $30.00
50cc 60 Minutes $40.00
Comer               Comer 80 | Comer 80 Automatic
80cc 10 Minutes $20.00
80cc 30 Minutes $40.00
80cc 60 Minutes $50.00
Honda               Spec Racer 50mph 13hp | Honda Automatic
13hp 10 Minutes $25.00
13hp 30 Minutes $50.00
13hp 60 Minutes $75.00
TAG Kart               Rotax 125cc 28hp Automatic
28hp 10 Minutes $45.00
28hp 30 Minutes $90.00
28hp 60 Minutes $180.00
DD2               32.6hp 2 Speed Paddle Shifter   Speed-Fast   Must Drive Rotax First
32.6hp 10 Minutes $60.00

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