Vegas Ironman Series

The 2013 Vegas Ironman Series is set to several racing events with an arduous 1 hour racing scheme designed to challenge both the ability and stamina of even the most seasoned racer. With a short 10-minute warmup session to shakedown the kart, drivers then go straight to the starting grid to lineup for the two-by-two rolling start, followed by 50 straight minutes of head to head racing competition. With one pitstop required, drivers will not only need to manager their pace and energy, but also add in a little bit of strategy on the fly! There are only 25 spots available per race so make sure to reserve your spot early and test your prowess!


Ironman Series Details

Entry Fee: $125
Format: 10 Minute Practice
50 Minute Non-Stop Race
Duration: 11am – 1pm
Max Capacity: 25 Drivers
Kart: 270cc Sport Kart
Weight Ballast: 200 lbs
Prerequisite: None
[Indoor Experience Recommended]