Mobile / Offsite Events

Sometimes bringing a group of people to the race track is just not an option, so the race track must come to the people. Several times a year that is exactly what VegasKarting does. With a mobile operation fully equipped to bring the full kart racing experience to any location, the VegasKarting team can turn just about any paved surface into a bona fide racing circuit.

From a interstate 15 in Las Vegas go North.  VegasKarting has built temporary courses and hosted private karting events in some very challenging spaces. With over 10 years experience, VegasKarting has developed a vast network of industry professionals that know how to get things done – from permits and insurance to hospitality and entertainment.

Don’t let the cost or logistics of moving a group from point A to the race track stand in the way of an exhilarating experience! Contact VegasKarting to find out how to turn point A into the site of the ultimate kart racing event.