Vegas Series

The Vegas Karting Vegas Series will soon be the largest and most impressive Arrive and Drive racing program of its kind in the US, featuring professional racers over the course of a season, weight-based competition, and up to 20 karts on track in any given session. The series features not only the Total Points Championship, but a Beginner, Novice, and Beast-mode Championship are scored as well. With alternating track layouts scheduled, a well maintained inventory of race karts to allow racers to compete more evenly. Whether you’ve driven indoor karts, high performance karts, or even race cars, the Vegas Karting Vegas Series is home to some of the best motorsports competitors.

The Vegas Series is an awe-inspiring racing program for amateurs and avid racers alike, as well as indoor racers looking to make the transition to outdoor karting.


Event Details

Vegas Series Details

Entry Fee: $125
Format: Practice / Qualifying
Heat 1 / Heat 2
Main Event
Duration: 8am – 4pm
Max Capacity: 100 Drivers
Kart: 270cc Sport Kart
Weight Ballast: 200 lbs
Prerequisite: None
[Indoor Experience Recommended]